Andrew Toy is a session drummer/percussionist and solo performer based in the Washington DC area. He uses percussion as the starting point for composition and sonic exploration. Using live production techniques, Andrew twists, distorts, and re-arranges the sound of the drums to create soundscapes that are at times cinematic and introspective, at other times intense and driving. By re-imagining the process that music is typically created, Andrew has crafted a sound that is inspired by IDM, minimalism, ambient, post-rock, and experimental music, yet has a life of its own.

Andrew began drumming at the age of 9 and retains the same youthful passion for the instrument as he did back then. As a sideman and accompanist, Andrew has had a very rewarding career thus far. His drumming has enabled him to travel the world as a cruise ship drummer; travel the USA as a member of varying Celtic, roots, funk, and rock bands; and establish himself as a go-to drummer and educator in the Washington DC area. His most recent collaborators include Pigeon Kings, Lisa Said, Piper Jones, Eli Lev, and Jump.