From Ink 19 album review

Guardrails is a collection of atmospheric excursions into imaginary dimensions. […] The music is perfect for these weird times. Toy not only makes use of tones and textures, but the way he mixes the sounds makes great use of space. […] Under the right circumstances, Guardrails could be the ultimate psychedelic experience for the quarantine years.

From Chaos Control Digizine interview

With the studio allowing even more room for experimentation, “Guardrails” is full of unique soundscapes driven by intricate rhythms with strong melodic elements woven in. 

From Performance Anxiety podcast

[Andrew] likes to use music genres like chords; building one on top of another to create something unique.

From Woody Radio radio show

[The songs on Guardrails] are sonic landscapes, with melodies and rhythms, and varying textures. Incredibly cool, and Andrew takes the art of percussion to a place I’ve never been before. 

From Finn’s Revolution radio show

[Guardrails has] got an electronic feel but it’s very organic at the same time.

From ReGen Magazine review

Throughout his Guardrails album, layers of percussive patterns interweave into complex arrangements so harmonious that the need for melody erodes into rhythmic bliss. The manner in which Toy electronically manipulates drum hits, scrapes, and vibrations to create tones that seem to sing with the same vibrancy as any synth is sublime – less percussive and more ambient, which adds to the primal energy of the album, howls and hums of bass lines and pads created from the same percussive thrust as the beats. […] Both in terms of its vitality and in its unique take on IDM, Guardrails a refreshing album.

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